About Company

Company Basics

  • Vision of the Company
    • “Leading the road, to quality and excellence”
    • Taai Construction and Machinery Services Limited, aim to provide Malawian residents with unparalleled roads with a combination of exceptional services to our clients. By 2026, we aim to be the No. 1 contractor for road construction regardless of size, complexity or resources.


  • Since the companies establishment in 1996, the core values at Taai Construction and Machinery Services Limited have remained the same, to fulfil the clients needs and expectations and to provide a high quality project in which no doubts can be raised. These core values founded by our forefathers, is what drives our company to strive to excel and continue to provide what was instilled in our employees since its inception. Being a family owned business, the relationship with our clients is unique allowing a simplified process for our clients.

The Company Promise

Taai Construction is committed to provide QUALITY products and services to our customers - products and services which will MEET or EXCEED their expectations and needs.

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